TRH 745 - TRB 305

Is used for neutralisation of salts
on any kind of indoor masonry

A bicomponent anti-salt system which can physically prevent the hydration of salts by new plaster during the application and drying stages.
Grout guarantees the duration of plaster over time whether in traditional and/or macroporous form. Compared to chemical “precipitation” procedures, special anti-salt grout guarantees the result independently from the type and nature of the salts.
After the grout has been laid homogeneously, leave for 4 days before applying new plaster.


Directions for use

For each drum of component A TRH745, 8/9 litres of component B TRB305 must be added. Use a drill with whip or mixer to obtain a sufficiently fluid mix after a few minutes which can be laid using the special hard-bristle applicator supplied with the component A drum.

Application: apply 2/3 brush coats (fresh on fresh) of the special anti-salt grout on deplastered masonry surfaces made regular with the closure of holes and imperfections as previously described, until the surface is totally covered with a thickness of about 2/3 mm.

Il Kit delle Boiacche Antisaline comprensivo dell’aggrappante e dell’apposito pennello in fibra che ne facilita l’applicazione.

Per la preparazione si raccomanda di utilizzare un miscelatore elettrico

Directly on walls before laying new plaster

Special anti-salt grout must be used on previously deplastered masonry on which dehumidification work has been carried out (chemical, mechanical, by electro-osmosis, with macroporous plaster, etc.) or, in the absence of treatment, to extend the duration of the plaster and finishes considerably.
Preparation of sub-base: brush the masonry to remove any irregular parts. Residue of old or flaking plaster must also be removed.
Rough masonry with holes or irregular surfaces or which lacks pointing between stones or bricks must be coated in advance with a mix made from cement sand and TRB305 (component B).
For homogenous brick or cement surfaces, the special anti-salt grout can be applied directly after they have been brushed and washed. System layout: even traces or grooves for pipes or cables for the new layout must be treated with the same anti-salt grout.


Also any tracks or channels for the passage of pipes or cables for the new plant will be treated with specific anti-salt slurries.

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