Waterproof Grout Kit

TRH  670  TRB 305

Bi-component waterproof system desi- gned to prevent penetration of water and damp

This is used to waterproof be- low-ground-level masonry and can be applied just as effectively to the outside (where it performs a protective function) and/or inside of the wall concerned (whe- re it provides a counterthrust).
For every barrel of Component A (TRH670), 7 litres of Component B (TRB305) need to be added. With the aid of a mixer, a few minutes should suffice to produce a mixture that is thick and fluid enough to be applied using the special hard brush supplied with the barrel of Component A.




Preparation: Any irregular masonry displaying gaps, uneven surfaces or lack of pointing between one stone and another or between one brick and another must be first filled in using a plaster made from sand, cement and TRB305 (photo 3). On this matter, we highly recommend performing the task exactly as shown in the photo, and not performing generic rendering or screeding operations that would limit its effectiveness.


Preparation: It is vitally important to thoroughly clean the surfaces and remove any residual paint by wet sandblasting. To remove the release agents always found on open-faced concrete surfaces, on the other hand, high-pressure water cleaning (150/200 bar) is required.
Any formwork spacers found on the surfaces should be properly sealed using the specially formulated product TRH710, having previously made a cut approxima- tely 2cm deep using a 45° flexible blade.
Any points where water seeps into the join between the wall and the floor can be sealed as a preventive measure using the same technique adopted for the metal for- mwork spacers: make a small cut around 2cm deep to house the sealant TRH710, which will then be covered with waterpro- of grout.



Approx. 4 kg of grout per square metre, allowing for two-three successive coats. N.B.: The remaining 4 litres of TRB305 will be used to prepare the mixture nee- ded for filling and closing the gaps betwe- en one stone and another and between one brick and another (diagram 3).


Approx. 3kg of grout per square metre, allowing for two successive coats.
N.B.: The remaining 4 litres of TRB305 will be used both for mixing with the se- alant TRH710 when needed and adding to the first spread of mortar in order to improve its ability to adhere to the surface.

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